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The Fight for Freedom

By: Sophie

The definition of freedom from books is: Freedom refers to a state of independence
where you can do what you like without any restriction by anyone. I agree with this definition
entirely. Another definition is that freedom is a state of mind where you have the right and
freedom of doing what you think of. In my opinion, this definition is also true.
I know that these definitions are true because when American revolution happened, the
people leading the revolution were not fighting because it was fun. No. They were fighting for
their rights. They were willing to take the risk in order to do what they believe in, so that the
future generations wouldn’t have to go through what they went through. They were willing to
risk losing their own lifes so that the world could be a fair place to everyone.
Another example of how freedom is the ability to do what you wish to do without being
stopped, is when the African-Americans fought against segregation. Nobody likes being forced
to do something that is extremely unfair and unjust. So it was no surprise when the black people
fought back], and when they took a stand and said, “No more.” It took a long time and the road
was rocky, but they managed to take their rightful place with others, no matter what their belief
was or what their skin color was. All people are human and everyone should be treated like a
Some people got segregated because of their beliefs. Take the Jews for example. They
had to fight for their beliefs from Germany, during the horrible time of the Holocauast were there
was so much unfairness and there was less hope for freedom. After the Holocaust ended we still
rember what happened during the Holocaust. We remember so it doesn’t happen again. We
remember so that it serves as a reminder of what terrible things can happen from being unjust.
We remember because otherwise we would forget.
Some people are still fighting for freedom today. The people are Palestine, who are
humans, are not being treated like humans by Israel. Israel has built a tremendous wall around
Palestine, which isn’t just. They have them illegally occupied Palestine, and are being unjust to
them. Possibly the worst part of all of this, is that a very few amount of countries are supporting
Palestine, under the false impression that Muslims are bad people. Our own president has an
anti-Muslim campian, which is unjust. Studies have shown that more than half of the muslims
who live in the US are loyal to America, while the other half is neutral. Everyone should have
the right to experience freedom, no matter their race or culture, or belief.
In conclusion freedom is still a thing that many people are fighting to experience and
many people have experienced. Those who have experienced freedom should be helping those
who wish to experience freedom. Freedom is a right and just thing and everyone deserves to
experience it, unless they have used their freedom in a wrong and unjust way. That being said,
everyone deserves a second chance. Freedom is not a thing to be segregated. It is something all
should believe in, all should fight for, and all should experience.